Website Basics

Why do you need a website?

  • 98% of all home buyers start their search online – you have to be where they are looking
  • Other than your website – you are subject to the policies and whims of all the other services – ie: Facebook changing things over night, accidently violating a policy and having your account terminated –with  your own website you own, you dictate your own policies
  • You have a way to exactly express the tone of your business through what you show on your website.
  • While you sleep, your website keeps marketing you for free
  • Postcards, flyers, and other marketing materials get shoved into a drawer or tossed – your website is always online waiting to be found when the consumer is actually looking for you.
  • Reputation management – it solidifies your branding and online presence.
  • Your website brings all your online marketing home – all roads lead to your “Rome”

Why WordPress?

  • Easy to manage, do it yourself, no need to talk to a programmer once you get the hang of it
  • Content management
  • Unlimited pages/posts – content like pictures etc.
  • Google loves WordPress – WordPress’s technology makes website code easy for Google to read and hence appear in the appropriate search results.
  • Easy to embed your YouTube videos – which help you get found
  • Easy to Search Engine Optimize
  • Login from anywhere
  • Easily connects to Social Media
  • Easy technology to update

Why an IDX? Why an Indexable IDX?

  • Need a tool to have people search listings on your website
  • Brings visitors to your website because listings on your website are found by Google and search engines
  • Latest listings into your site give your site fresh content to keep Google coming back
  • Clients can view the listings in the order they want.

Why Use Us?

  • We understand Search Engine Optimization
  • We train you and we support you – not just in the technology but also in the business of how to get found
  • We only use WordPress
  • We use best in industry IDX technology
  • Our IDX supports YouTube video embed code directly on property details pages.
  • We customize every site we build to have unique SEO to keep them competitive
  • We don’t limit the number of listings you can display on your website
  • Our clients get leads from their websites