Good Deed Biz is a website design, hosting, IDX technology platform specifically designed for real estate agents, real estate brokers and mortgage loan officers. Our focus is on building a platform that both allows your customers to effectively utilize your site to gain the information they need but also to promote your business and generate you new leads.
The Internet has transformed the way consumers learn about and shop for products/services. Years ago, businesses reached their target audience through postcards, magazines, flyers, door to door, cold calls, trade shows, TV, Radio and other outbound marketing methods. Today, the overwhelming majority of consumers start their research or purchase experience on the Internet, using search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and social media tools like facebook, twitter and YouTube. Never before has it been possible for a small business to compete with a fortune 500 company, the Internet has leveled the playing field, IF you know how to use it. If you can’t be found online you are missing out on a large number of potential clients.

We believe consumers use these tools online to find homes they like and then they contact the first real estate agent in line who is connected to the listing they found. Most consumers don’t care about designations when it comes to picking a real estate agent – they care about who is in front of them when they locate the home they want. In many cases, the same applies for mortgage loan officers.

In addition to using and implementing Inbound Marketing or HUB Marketing principles and tools like Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Blogs, Social Media, PPC campaigns, Videos in Youtube, etc. to our clients to get them “found” online by their ideal real estate prospects, we also teach our clients how these methods work so they can use the tools we provide to help them get found on the internet.

We also offer a full range of web development and web design services and use them to bring your customers to you.

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